10 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe & Warm This Winter

10 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe & Warm This Winter

Like it or not, winter is coming. In fact, here in Canada, Ontario – we have already had our first snowfall!

So, it’s time we start thinking about some winter safety for our dogs.

Every summer, the internet is blasted with reminders about hot cars and hot pavement, and in my opinion, summer safety is taken way more seriously than winter safety. Dogs love to play in the snow, well most dogs… but that doesn’t mean they don’t still feel the cold. Chances are, if you’re cold, they’re cold!

Follow these 10 winter safety tips, and you can help make sure your dog enjoys the snowy cold weather this year.

  1. If You’re cold, chances are they’re cold! I realize some dogs love staying outside in the snow and the cold (like my 3 Siberian Huskies) but sometimes they will not let you know when they need to come in. That part is up to us. Keep a close eye on your dog when it’s cold outside, and make sure to bring him in to get warm.
  2. Winter booties! I’m not sure how cold it gets where you are… but here, we get temps as low as -30 and sometimes even colder! When the weather gets that cold, and the dogs need to go out, it could hurt their paws. This is where winter booties can come in handy!
  3. I know some people really don’t like to dress their dogs in clothes, but when it gets cold, sweaters can help keep your pooch warm! This is especially important for smaller dogs.
  4. Use pet safe sand for icy areas. So many people use salt on ice around the sidewalks and steps, but salt can be very damaging to your dogs paws. Using a pet safe sand will still prevent you from slipping, and will be a lot less invasive on those soft paw pads.
  5. If there is lots of snow, sometimes after walks, you might notice snow has balled up in the fur along the bottom of the belly, or the legs of your dog. Take time to remove the snow balls from their fur as it may contain salt from the roads.
  6. Water for your dog is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. Yes, they do have a tendency to munch on snow, but they still need their fill of water.
  7. Cold cars are just as bad as hot cars. It can be fatal to leave a dog in a hot car during the summer. It is the very same in the dead of winter. Leaving your dog in a car without heat during the winter can end up fatal.
  8. Number 5 mentioned snow getting all balled up in your dogs fur. To help prevent that from happening on the bottom of their feet, keep the long fur between their toes all trimmed during the winter.
  9. Ice. Ice can be fun to play on. Fun for kids, fun for dogs. But take care if you let your dog play on the ice. All that slipping and sliding can do damage on their muscles.
  10. Last but certainly not least, never eat yellow snow! :P (hehe)

Winter can be so much fun for your dog. Just make sure to keep them safe as well!

Happy Winter!


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