Travel Inspira Luggage Scale - help you never pay unexpected overweight bag fees

Travel Inspira Luggage Scale - help you never pay unexpected overweight bag fees

Travel Inspira is an internet-based retailer serving a larger customer base in travel accessories. We always get excited about new ideas and enlighten the life of travellers.

Travel Inspira luggage scale will help you never pay unexpected overweight bag fees, this sleek digital luggage scale is small and handy with room temperature display convert temperature fahrenheit (°F) and celsius (°C) when press on the unit button. It is easy to store, carry and convenient for travellers.

The cool back-light display easy to read in any light condition, you will never find it so difficult to weigh your luggage on the body scale and feel embarrassed to open your well-packed bags and move items at the airport checking counter.

With the rubber paint handle it gives a comfortable grip when using the scale to weigh your luggage or package anytime and anywhere during traveling or when required. Avoid hassles at the check-in counter, save your hard-earned money, and travel with peace of mind and confidence. The powerful data lock function lock the readout after weighing stabilization - easy, accurate and efficient to get the luggage weight. The next one key features capacity is 110 lb/50 kg, zero and tare function high precision weight sensors accurate to 0.1 lb/50g 1.44 LCD display with powered by 3V cr2032 lithium battery included low battery and overload indication. Weigh your luggage easy way. Unravel the black strap and remove the plastic battery stop. Slip through a handle or strap the scale strap and clip back over the scale. Power on about 2 second hold, wait for zero read. Lift and hold till the display flashes 3 times, that is the weight.

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