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US ONLY-Travel Inspira TSA Approved 3 Digits Metal Combination Luggage Lock

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  • Approved By TSA ---- the lock with the red diamond shape is approved by TSA;
  • 3 Dial Combination ---- quick to read and easy to remember;
  • Bright color options simplify baggage identification.
  • Flexible cable resists abuse from luggage handling equipment
  • 2 Years GUARANTEE plus 30-day no question ask, NO hassle Money-Back Guarantee;


Product Description


Why should I have a TSA lock?

Transportation Security Administration is the full name for TSA.

Luggage locks accepted by the TSA have universal keys that will open the locks.

These locks use the TSA Lock system developed by Travel Sentry.

Under agreement with the TSA it is Travel Sentry that sets the standards for these locks and approves each design.

Every lock with the Travel Sentry identifying mark (red diamond) is accepted by the TSA and may be opened by the TSA using their master keys, or by anyone in possession of a jiggler.

Some TSA accepted luggage locks feature an indicator which will appear red if opened by a master key.

After opening, TSA Agents will never leave your bags unlocked after inspections, because they can’t remove the key without lock your luggage up.

So You Can Keep Belongings Safe After TSA inspection!

How to set my combination?

1.Turn the dials and align the numbers to 0-0-0, then the lock is open.

2.Pull up the shackle and turn it 90°counter clockwise to align the projection on the hasp with the notch on the lock.

3.Press the shackle down, hold it and turn the dials to reset your combination, Set your own combination by turning dials.

4.Turn the shackle back as normal. Then the setting is completed.