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Foldable Travel Luggage Duffle Bag Lightweight

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    • Material: 210D Nylon , Dustproof and Durable;
      Many Color Options Available, Easily to be recognized
      Foldable and collapsible design makes it work great for travel and even cycling
      Store randomly: Zippered interior pocket for small one;
      2 Years GUARANTEE

    Product Description

    Small Size for easy storage, but Large Capacity for mass stuff

    Product Dimensions

    40L: 17.94" x 10.53" x 11.31" 46*27*29cm

    60L: 22.23" x 11.31" x 12.09" 57*29*31cm

    One day, there is a girl asking around people about travel. Some said travel is very exhausted and costed, especially on a business trip. Some said the reason why he loves to travel, not to arrive, but in order to enjoy all the fun of the journey. The girl keeps silence and listens to them as carefully as if she was on their journey. She found there was very insteresting thing. One said he was very embarrassed once, at the airport, it turned out that he needed to pay expensive for his luggage since it was over weight. The airport staff suggested him to drop off something useless, but he didn't want to drop off anything, like his favorite clothes, gifts for others and so on. When he checked those things, suddenly, a foldable bag showed up, then he could separate things as hand-carried. The airport staff was standing there and looking him to pack. 

    This smart girl, is one of our designers, who wants to make everyone fall in love with travel, and really enjoy on the trip gives happiness and moments. Then she designed that the foldable, portable and colorful Travel Inspira bags let your trip smoothly. 

    Get on a road! Never too late to travel, inspira is an amazing journey.

    Support our Work

    Luggage of Love was created to provide luggage and comfort items to vulnerable children in emergent or transitional situations. It is an honor and a responsibility for us to give them a hand. We are willing to donate one foldable bag while every cumulative sell ten for Luggage of Love Charity. 
    This special 10% off discount code TINLOL4C of whole series bags is as a gift to thank you for being a part of us.  

    Product UPC

                SKU                               UPC

    FBHI-5022-BL-40L            701851509871

    FBHI-5022-BL-60L            701851509857

    FBHI-5022-RD-40L           733520989844

    FBHI-5022-RD-60L           733520989837

    FBHI-5022-GN-40L           733520989882

    FBHI-5022-GN-60L           733520989875

    FBHI-5022-DP-40L            733520989868

    FBHI-5022-DP-60L            733520989851

    FBHI-5022-SBL-40L           733520989905

    FBHI-5022-SBL-60L           733520989899

    FBHI-5022-OR-40L            701851509901

    FBHI-5022-OR-60L            701851509888

    FBHI-5022-BK-40L             733520989820

    FBHI-5022-BK-60L             733520989813

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