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Car Seat Cover for Dog Cat with Pet Seat Belt

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  • HEAVY DUTY AND WATERPROOF - Heavy duty hammock convertible fits most cars, SUVs, minivans and trucks. 4 layers of PU waterproof durable material protects your vehicle no more damage and PVC free safe for your pets.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Quick release clips on the adjustable straps make install a breeze. You can even make it into a HAMMOCK to help your dog feel safe and secure. Velcro seat belt openings allow the cover to be used by pets and kids.
  • NONSLIP RUBBER BACKING AND SEAT ANCHORS - The nonslip rubber backing and seat anchors keep the pet seat cover in place even on leather seats.
  • EXTRA SIDE FLAPS TO PROTECT ENTIRE SEAT AND CAR DOORS- The extra side flaps protect the side of your entire seat when dogs jumping into the car and all around protect the car doors when you hang it out.
  • FREE BONUS PET SAFTY BELT - Allows your pet to sit, lay down, or stand freely in a car without distracting the driver.

Protect the back seat of your Car, SUV or Truck 

Made with 4 layer of PU waterproof, heavy-duty, padded and quilted material protect the back seat from scratches, dirt, dander, and spills.

 Designed not to bunch up and slide around 

Non-slip backing and seat anchors will ensure that the cover will not move around.

 Two Option with extra Side flaps to protect entire seat and car doors

The extra side flaps complete coverage protect to your car's back seat and keep the entire seat clean. The other option protect your car doors against claws and drool when you hang it out.

 Easy to install and clean

The pet seat cover fits most cars and SUV with headrests, very easy to install just quick release clips. The top layer is made from durable oxford material, easy to clean with a damp cloth or just vacuum.

 Free bonus pet safety belt

Free bonus pet safety belt is the simplest solution to protecting your companion when traveling the roads

Regular Dimensions:

L: 54 x 58 inches

XL: 56 x 60 inches

24 Months Product Warranty

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