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USB-C HDMI Hub with USB-C Recharging Port

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  • High Definition: HDMI output supports 4K on any HDMI-enabled device for Monitor Display, Project and etc.
  • Power Delivery: Charges your devices with their original chargers while hub is in use.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with the new MacBook, Chromebook Pixel and other devices with USB type C port.
  • Reversibility: Reversible and heavy duty USB type C connector with EMI protection ensures that it won't interfere with your wireless keyboard or mouse.
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Multi-Function Hub

Use the HDMI port for Monitor Display or Project, the USB 3.0 port for syncs your photos, music and data up to 5 Gbps; Use the Type C port for Charges your devices with their original chargers while hub is in use.

4K Video Adapter

The HDMI output makes multi-monitor displays a breeze. It provides a simple plug-and-play connection to almost any high-definition display or monitor and supports resolutions up to 4K.

USB-C Power Delivery

Charges the new MacBook, Chromebook Pixel and USB-C-compatible tablet computers with their original chargers while hub is in use.


Incredibly compact-about the size of a chocolate bar and weighing about an ounce. Easily slide it into your pocket, bag or suitcase.

Slick Design

Designed with the same minimalist style and aluminum exterior as the MacBook, its premium look matches its premium quality.

What's in the Box?

Travel Inspira™ USB-C to HDMI Hub with USB 3.0 and Type C Input Charging Port

User Manual


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

24-Month Warranty


All connected USB devices should not exceed a combined input current of 900mA, otherwise output current may become unstable or disconnect. Devices are usually rated as follows: Mouse 100mA, Camera 300mA, Keyboard 500mA, and External Hard Drive 900mA.

2.4 GHz wireless devices, MIDI devices and some USB 3.0 devices may not be supported.